22 December 2013

Crawlspace (1986) - REVIEW

Before I give a movie I haven't seen before I always check out the reviews to see what other people think about it.  Doesn't matter what is said good or bad because I am going to form my own opinion but nevertheless I still do it to just gauge the general public's consensus.  This particular movie held pretty strong criticism and a lot of negative reviews.   I found it on netflix about a year ago and decided to take a chance on it, having never seen a movie with Klaus Kinski in it before.

Karl Gunther (Klaus Kinski) owns an apartment building that he fills with only young women.  Karl is a very demented man who plays russian roulette on a daily basis and is addicted to torturing and killing.  A former doctor of death in Germany who now lives in the states but is not ready to stop what he does best.  To the naked eye he seems like a very quiet, soft spoken gentlemen but when the ladies enter their apartments he is crawling through the ventilation system always watching.  He has seemingly been getting away with everything for a very long time but that is about to change.  After 3 years of searching for him a man has finally tracked him down and is accusing him of killing his brother that was in the hospital under his care.  This is were Karl starts to lose it.  All hell is going to break loose and someone needs to stop what is about to happen!

I can see were all the negative reviews came from when I watched that movie but I have to say I loved it.  The story itself was nothing spectacular but it was enough to please the mind and eyes of this horror slasher junkie.  Another thing I really think that is a big contributor of me loving this film is the performance of Klaus Kinski.  Now I know this movie was made towards the end of his career and it probably was not his best performance but nonetheless I really enjoyed it.  He acts so cool and calm throughout the whole movie it just makes his character all that more intriguing.  I have read the accounts saying how hard to direct and just downright unruly Klaus was but I don't think it affected the movie in my opinion.

Scream Factory has come through again with this Blu Ray release.  I of course had it the day it came out a week ago and the transfer is awesome as well as the special features to boot even a Featurette mixed in there.  This one had been pretty hard to find on DVD with the only release being a double feature with The Attic that has been out of print since 2010.  Perfect for the holidays to have under your tree.  I would rate this film a 7 out of 10 stars.  I am probably alone in that high rating but what can I say.  Stay twisted everyone!

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