31 January 2012

Jennifer's Body 2009 - REVIEW

Did you ever watch one of those movies that going into it all you can think is “man this is going to suck, why am I doing this to myself” but then you watch it and shortly find yourself enjoying it? Well that was me and Jennifer’s Body. I went fully in expecting a crappy movie about stupid stuff, and found a rather amusing movie that offers a really unique perspective on the friendships between hot girls and plain girls.

Jennifer (Megan Fox) and Needy (Amanda Seyfried) have been best friends since childhood. As I’m sure you already guessed Jennifer is the hot girl in a Podunk town, which allows her to get away with pretty much whatever she wants to. Needy is her best friend and moral compass, plain and down to earth, she tries to keep Jennifer grounded. Especially on the night that the two go to some dive to watch the band Low Shoulder that Jennifer has been following on Myspace. Jennifer makes contact with the lead singer Nikolai (Adam Brody) and for some reason is totally in his thrall but Needy is on to the fact that they are up to something when she overhears them talking about how Jennifer is “the one” and pegging her for the virgin that they need. Needy tells Jennifer this, and warns her to stay away from them because they are creepy and frightfully androgynous. Mind you that is my own wording because I never trust anything wearing more eyeliner than I do. Jennifer is immediately dismissive because she isn’t even a backdoor virgin and assures Needy that there is nothing to worry about, and then the bar goes up in flames. As the two escape the bar, they find they are the only survivors and then Nikolai appears and whisks Jennifer away in the obligatory black band van. Frustrated and distraught Needy goes home and later on that night a bloody and really freaky acting Jennifer comes to her house. Scaring the hell out of Needy, she now knows that something happened to Jennifer and it is the band’s fault because her best friend puked up a mountain of black goo all over the floor, but Boston Market has that same effect on me too.

Now I am going to depart from the synopsis for a few to claim that I hate Diablo Cody, with a passion. I think she is a hack writer that totally ripped Juno off from the Korean film Jenny, Juno and does not at all deserve the Best Original Screenplay Oscar that she got for it. Now maybe I am the only person that feels this way, maybe I’m not. But it seems a little weird that a movie came out in 2005 that featured a 15 year old pregnant girl who is named Juno, and then two years later another movie came out with the same thing. It seems a little more than coincidence to me and Diablo Cody also strikes me as the lame ass hipster type to watch a foreign film of this nature. Now with that being said I felt that Jennifer’s Body was a complete step up from someone that I feel belongs on the stripper pole they crawled off of. But do I attribute this all to Cody? No I do not. This movie came together largely based on all of its elements as a whole. Writing, direction, casting and location combined made this movie and made it work. Along with other nuances such as ugly Megan Fox, as succubus Jennifer’s energy depleted she got uglier and uglier as the movie went on. However eat a boy and the skin is great and the hair all shiny, which makes me think that I need to try this sometime. Man trapping might be good for my hair too.

A lot of people expressed outrage at the ending too, I saw it as being inevitable. It had to end that way because there needed to be a final straw to push Needy over the edge and face off with her demon best friend. This can also be perceived as a metaphor for when a best friend sleeps with another’s boyfriend and suddenly they aren’t friends anymore. However it also needed to be pointed out to Needy that although Jennifer was her friend, she really wasn’t. Jennifer was nothing more than a spoiled bitch that clung to Needy to make her feel good about herself. Most often relationships between girls are like that too, catfights over dumb crap till the end. Or if it not a catfight it is just tedious passive aggressive shit, that inspires one to get a book on demonology to figure out how to properly spear the hell-bitch.

So overall I really enjoyed this movie. While it does have some flaws the rest makes up for it.

Reviewed by: Miss J

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  1. Another great review Jamie. Thank you. Now I will have to watch this movie. Never seen it before.