10 August 2011

PRESS RELEASE - Matthew Cichella's Poetic

Rockford, IL

Matthew Cichella’s Poetic is an intense, sexy, character driven psychological horror film that centers on a world full of deceit, passion, and revenge. One couple finds themselves caught in the middle of this when they are kidnapped by “Cowboy”, a mysterious and merciless enegade killer who takes karma in to his own hands. Now prisoners in their own home, the couple is turned against one another and forced to relive their dirty little secrets. Their domestic quarrel turns in to a nightmare they might never awaken from.

Poetic came to writer/director, Matthew Cichella, when discussing his frustration with mainstream films with producer Mitch Wright II, seeing nothing but watered down sequels and remakes in the theaters. The formulaic nature of Hollywood only urged Cichella to create something original, character and story heavy, unlike anything else out there. Matthew on Poetic:
“I wanted to make a film that was realistic in the sense that it could happen to me, or anyone for that matter. This world we live in is not black and white, it's all shades of gray and that's where Poetic shines because the characters in the film are based off real people, in real situations, and real emotions. I've felt what these characters feel. Most people have”

Matthew Cichella’s Poetic just recently began production, starting to film as of the first week of August. Writer/director, Matthew Cichella will be working with producer, Mitch Wright II again. The two have worked together on Cichella’s last three films, Famous, Innocent Looks, and One Night Stand. Cinematographer, Nate Stein, has also worked with Cichella on all three films. Travis Legge, director of Raymond Did It, is the Executive Producer and editor of the film. Matthew Cichella has not only brought a great crew together of trusted individuals, but a very talented cast including Sierra Holmes of VH1’s Scream Queens and Piranha 3DD. Sierra is also set to star in Scream Queen Bloodbath of the Scream Queen Campfire series, which Poetic co-star, Kelsey Zukowski, co-wrote with Jonathan Moody. Both Zukowski and Poetic star, Kaylee Williams, will be starring in this series as well.

The film also stars Ty Yaeger, Heather Dorff, Marc Edwards, Kaylee Williams, Talena Caza, Kelsey Zukowski, Gary Kozlowski, Dave Block, Melissa Revels, Rob Romero, and Marv Blauvelt among others. Yaeger and Cichella already have a strong working relationship as Yaeger has been in all of his films thus far and also starred in producer, Travis Legge’s Raymond Did It and holiday horror short, Holiday Carvings.
Legge was also a producer on What They Say, which Heather Dorff and Kelsey Zukowski created together. They both also starred in I’m Streaming Death from The Social Media Massacre web series, executive produced by Matthew Cichella. Blauvelt has worked with many people from the Poetic cast before including Kaylee Williams in III: Slices of Life and with Dorff and Zukowski in the gritty serial killer short,

Kelsey Zukowski explains her draw to the film,
“Before I was even approached about being involved, I was attracted to Poetic. When done right home invasion films can be utterly terrifying. They destroy the conceived notion of your home being a safe place, free from harm. Upon reading the script I saw that Poetic was far more personal and really something outside of this sub-genre. With the world it portrays, everyone is flawed, deceptive, and it’s debatable if they are even worthy of forgiveness."

Matthew Cichella’s Poetic is Never Submit Entertainment's first feature film. It is set to wrap filming by early September and will continue on to the post production process expected to be completed by the end of the year. The film will be going the film festival route, beginning with a premiere on March 9, 2012. Location is ending, but will premiere in Chicago or Rockford, IL, where the bulk of the crew and cast are from and where the feature will be filmed.

More information can be found by LIKING the feature film on Facebook or checking out the official website.

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