14 August 2011

One Cruise Ship, Dozens of Psychotic Killers

Prepare yourself for the vacation from hell! You heard me right... (super echoey voice thingy)... THE VACATION FROM HELL! I've chatted back and forth a few times with one of the creators of Waves of Terror and to my knowledge, they already have a great line up and it's shaping up to be one helluva horror convention... on water! Shit, does this mean I have to get in a bathing suit?? Dammit, hope my gym membership hasn't expired! So, what I know so far is that it's
the ULTIMATE horror fan experience, a week on an intimate cruise with dozens of Horror icons. Intimate screenings, panels, Q&A's, meet and greets, photo opportunities, and much, much more.
From looking over their Facebook and Twitter pages, I can also tell you that there will be live music provided by Underlined. Not to mention that a little birdie told me that EVERYONE is accepted into after parties and that there will be NO CHARGE for celebrity autographs or photographs, however they will have their own merchandise for sale. Keep your eyes and ears peeled because it's scheduled for February 2012 and you don't wanna miss this boat!! How much will all this cost you ask? Well prices have not been released yet but they're saying it's gonna be around what you would normally pay for a 7 day cruise. Too much you say?? C'mon... with the line up they're predicting (and it's an AWESOME one) plus it includes meals, snacks and all non-alcoholic beverages what more do you want?? Blood?? No doubt there will be that too! It is a horror convention you know... Bwahahahahaha!


  1. That looks like an interesting trip and it just seems like a movie script waiting to happen haha.