04 April 2011

It's Gray Skies for Director Ron Purtee

Racine, Wisconsin, United States of America (Free-Press-Release.com) April 1, 2011 --
Coming this Summer from creators Shaun McGregor and Ron Purtee (The Social Media Massacre) comes a brand new web series that gives a new look into the world of hired killing.

GRAY SKIES follows Chuck and Shaun as they go from job to job, leaving a pile of bodies in the process. The only problem is now they have to contend with a spunky reporter and her camera man following their every mood and picking up on the fact that these may not be the most together hitmen on the planet.

"Shaun and I went through a few different things that we could do with this project", Purtee said. "and we couldn't figure out a way to describe the project in a fresh in way. Then we decided that based on the characters, this is like if Deadpool and The Punisher teamed up to do hits and just happened to be on The Office."

Production on the series starts in May, with the main characters already being cast. Chuck will be played by Charlie Bussian from The Social Media Massacre and Becoming Undead, while Shaun will be played by series creator Shaun McGregor. Episodes will be co-scripted and directed by Ron Purtee.

In the coming weeks you can find out more about GRAY SKIES at theycallmeron.com

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