14 April 2011

Corey Allen Jackson to Score Animated Feature The Littlest Angel

Corey Allen Jackson (I Spit on Your Grave, War Wolves, Left in Darkness, Sasquatch Mountain, It Waits) will bring his scoring talents to The Littlest Angel, an animated feature based on the 15th best-selling hard copy children's book of all time written by Charles Tazewell.

Synopsis: Having recently arrived in heaven, 5-year-old LITTLEST ANGEL wants to return to Earth with his friend HALO, a dog angel, in order to retrieve his treasure box. While on Earth he is abducted by the creepy owners of a traveling freak show. LITTLEST is finally rescued by his angel friends and returns to heaven just in time for their Christmas Party at which LITTLEST offers up his treasure box as a Christmas present. The Littlest Angel is directed by Dave Kim (2012, The Golden Compass & Australia) and produced by Mr. Kim and Lance Thompson. (Attack of the Sabertooth & Elf Bowling the Movie)

Look for a DVD release, Christmas of 2011.

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