18 February 2011

Twisted Central Spotlights Rising Star Jennifer Kelly

As every horror fan knows, February marks Women of Horror month and lots of sites are shining the spotlight on a different WOH each week. I, however, have chose to pick ONE rising star out of the bunch and focus on her alone. I had many conversations with Jennifer Kelly before realizing what a bright future she has in the horror industry and couldn't pass up this opportunity to bring some attention her way. Not only is she a great make up artist but she's an actor as well and looks forward to becoming the next Scream Queen.

Jennifer took some time to tell me (and you) a little about herself.

"I love all things macabre. My dad got me started watching horror movies. Psycho was the first horror film I saw and I was hooked."

She went to school and studied makeup and acting and did a few short films but decided, at the time, that wasn't the best thing for her and she decided to "grow up and get a real job.". The horror bug never left her and after moving to Arizona, she decided to go back to school for her Masters degree. She was given an opportunity to start up in film again with CatchMeKillMe Productions where she says she learned how to scream well and even more about the horror genre and the film industry in general. She says she is very grateful for the opportunity and is confident that her journey into the darkness will continue. Let's all join her in her quest to be the next SCREAM QUEEN!!

You can follow Jennifer on twitter and be sure to check out her blog.

Love and hugs Jennifer! You're already a star to me!!

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  1. Very interesting! It is nice to learn a little more about Jennifer. I follow her on Twitter, and read her blog, which is something everyone should be doing.