15 February 2011

The Dead Hour: Episode 1 "Donor" - REVIEW

The Dead Hours is a horror/suspense webseries that has taken a cue from classics like The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. The series was created by Daniel B. Iske & Scott Coleman who are also responsible for the award winning Indie horror The Wretched. Each episode is approximately fifteen minutes in length, and the first season has five episodes. The Dead Hour anthology is a radio show hosted by DJ Raven who introduces her listeners to a new tale of horror every week.

Episode 1: Donor: In a time where banks are failing, homes are shuttered, and one-and-a-half out of ten people are unemployed, Seth discovers a way to maintain the lifestyle he and his wife have become accustomed to… but at a crippling cost.

With a running time of right about 17 minutes, you'd think it would be hard to get entranced in the story but it's actually not. It starts out with a creepy kind of desperation and Mark Booker plays it to pretty much perfection. Cheri Bloomingdale also does a good job as the materialistic wife whose only concern is getting what she wants, no matter the cost. Viewers will have no problem getting pulled into this tale of macabre.

Be sure and check out this episode and the rest at thedeadhour.com. You definitely won't be disappointed.

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