31 January 2011

Chrome Skull: Laid to Rest 2 Trailer

A new trailer for Robert Hall’s sequel to Laid To Rest has hit the web. If you're a fan of the original, as I am, you won't be disappointed!

ChromeSkull: Laid To Rest 2 brings back Nick Principe as the villain, plus Thomas Dekker, joined by Brian Austin Green, Mimi Michaels, Danielle Harris, Angelina Armani and Gail O'Grady as well as one of my favorites from The Mentalist, Owain Yeoman

I am so psyched for this film! With a great cast, inventive kills and the effects talent of Robert Hall, I expect this one to be even better than the first!

1 comment:

  1. This movie sucks! In spanish pinche pelicula no vale madre prefiero ver a Viruta y Capulina!!!