15 June 2010

No Aniston in Scream 4

I may be a little behind on this news but as expected, the rumor that Jennifer Aniston would be making an appearance in Scream 4 has been quashed. A spokesperson for the Weinstein Company insists that this casting report is "not true".

Star magazine had reported earlier this month that Aniston's role would've been similar to that of Drew Barrymore's in the original.

Aniston, who hasn't appeared in a horror film since 1993's Leprechaun (FYI: her first movie role) has stuck mostly to romantic comedies most recently The Switch with Jason Bateman. I say "GO FOR IT JEN!!" Scream is a very successful horror franchise and would definitely open her up to a whole new audience. C'mon, it's what like 5 minutes, if that? I'd like to see her do it and I have no doubt Angelina Jolie would have no problem watching her get her "ass cut-the-fuck-up."

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