18 June 2010

Discussion - Best/Worst Horror Cliches

Horror films are known for being over indulgent and sometimes a little dramatic with the cliches and one could argue that such films are merely one recycled idea after another. Especially with writers/directors having such a hard time coming up with new ideas and studios being content with bringing remake after remake to the screen.

Saw burst onto the screen in 2004 with a completely new idea of terror. BUT, with six movies under it's belt and a seventh in the works, it gets a little tiring. I'm sure there are other films that "changed" the face of horror but we won't get into those in this discussion.

With all that said, tell me YOUR best/worst horror cliches. It can be anything you want, but it must be something that's just totally over used. For example -- running in the woods and OOPS he/she falls down -- for me that's almost the worst.

C'mon, what are you waiting for?? Join the fucking conversation!!


  1. how about when ur in the car with the killer and hes changing and ur sitting there screaming and screaming just looking at him nnot trying to jump out car..then ur dead...lol

  2. Ha! Yeah, lots of missed opportunities in a horror film. My ass woulda been outta there long before that and if I couldn't get out, you bet your balls I'm going out fighting.

  3. Hey, DrGonzo from twitter here.
    Best-Zombie Movies with Independent limbs.
    Hands severed from the body, heads still talking and biting...I love it

    Worst-Endings that don't leave you with enough imagination. Like Dod Sno, we didn't need to see Herzog hitting the window.

  4. Love the decapitated zombie heads that keep biting!

    Right on with the worst... sometimes it's good to leave the viewer guessing. Great examples: Pontypool and Dark Hours. I'm sure there are more but I'm drawing a blank right now.

  5. How about the girl always dating a horrible scum-of-the-Earth jock?

  6. Yep, that would be a good one Justin. Cocky jocks and Emo losers, one's just as bad as the other.