08 August 2016

Most Likely To Die 2016 - REVIEW

Being the sucker I am for a good slasher flick I had to pick this one out and give it a try.  Cover art looks good and a nice catchy creepy title.  The basis of the story is a 10 year class reunion that a select group get together and have their own reunion beforehand that they were invited to.  This sounds very familiar to a movie that came out just 3 years about  a class reunion that you shouldn't go to.  Just can't quite put my finger on it

Don't we all just love high school reunions?  Get to see old friends and rub you success in the faces of others.  This one is a little different.  A group of classmates get together before their 10 year reunion for a weekend of fun.  The only problem is they start dying one by one at the hands of a killer in a mask.  Someone is out for revenge.  It seems that this group of friends played a prank on a classmate in high school and got him expelled.  Maybe he wants payback?

I sure do love a good slasher film and while this one had a few good kills, I was just incredibly bored throughout most of the movie.  Takes too much time on the story which is not that interesting and very unoriginal.  May as well just remake a movie if you are going to be that unoriginal.  There was not enough gore either.  A horror movie doesn't have to be gory to be good but it definitely doesn't hurt.  I am afraid that most of the money was used for the White Zombie song that plays during the ending credits and Jake Busey as a creeper.  I am giving this 3 out of 10 starts.  As always stay twisted everyone!

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