04 June 2016

Pay The Ghost 2015 - REVIEW

Guess What?  I am still here!  Just been hiding for about the past year.  It's not that I don't love all you sick twisted horror fans.  I just took a little break of reporting the horror news and reviewing the movies that you want to know about.  I'm an Asshole, sorry!  Figured I would start back off with a Nicholas Cage movie.  It really seems that no one likes him.  I however like him as an actor, he is a kook of a person but good actor.  Seriously, who did not love Moonstruck?  Wait a second I didn't just say that.

This is a story of every parents worst nightmare.  They are out with their child at a carnival or at the park or wherever and turn their head for a second and the child is gone and nowhere to be found.  This is what happens to Mike (Nicholas Cage) and Kristen (Sarah Wayne Callie) in this film.  Mike has his son at a halloween carnival and paying for ice cream one second and the next little Charlie is gone.  This happens fairly quick in the movie and they also very quickly move to the next year where Mike and Kristen are now seperated.  Both parents grieving but Mike is obsessed with finding his son.  What he soon uncovers is something far more evil and sinister than just a kidnapping.  Mike and Kristen have to prepare to face a force more powerful and evil than any human being but they will do anything to get their son back.

I really can't remember the last time good ole Nicky did a horror movie.  If anyone is thinking Ghost Rider then you are banned from this page!  Haha, just kidding.  Kinda.  Personally I think this is one of my favorite performances by Nicholas Cage.  On the big screen he really hasn't even been relevant for about 5 years or so and age is starting to catch up with him a bit but this movie is solid with a great story and pretty good acting to boot.  Sarah Wayne plays a bit of a heartless bitch for part of the movie but that's par for the course.  After all she played that bitch Lori in The Walking Dead.

It's nice that a direct to video release with big name actor in it actually lives up to what it should.  This is not going to be a movie you watch all the time or you're not going to talk about it for the next 2 years as the best movie you have ever seen but you will recommend it to friends to watch as I am doing now.  I give this 7 out of 10 stars.  As always stay twisted everyone!

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