27 April 2015

Tusk 2014 - REVIEW

I'm a pretty big Kevin Smith fan but mainly of his comedy films.  The past few years he has done a few different movies including this one entitled Tusk.  The idea coming from one of his podcast's and put to a vote on twitter to weather or not he should make a movie based upon this concept.  Going into this one I have heard soooo many mixed reviews from "it's the best movie I have ever seen" to "Tusk is absolutely horrible".  I do know it did not spend much time in the theater. I went to see it just a few weeks after it was released and no theater around me was playing it at all.

Wallace (Justin Long) is the host of a podcast called "The Not see Party" with his best friend Teddy (Haley Joel Osment).  Wallace takes a trip to Canada to interview a kid from a video on Youtube that they featured on their podcast.  When Wallace gets there he gets the news from the family that he has passed away and now Wallace has nothing to cover in Canada.  Stopping at a local restaurant he finds an ad hanging on a wall for someone to listen to life stories being told by a guy who is near the end of his life named Howard Howe (Michael Parks).  Wallace does just that.  Drinks tea with Howard and listens to his stories.  The most intriguing being the story he is telling about the Walrus.  Little does Wallace know his tea is drugged and he passes out.  Howard doesn't plan on killing Wallace, just merely turn him into a human Walrus.

First of all I have to say that the concept of this story is beyond fucked up.  Honestly I am surprised that Kevin Smith is the one that was the one to write this.  Kevin is known for his comedy work not a fucked up Rob Zombie like story.  That is not to say I do not like this movie cause I did but its just strange.  Tusk is one of the most original horror movies that has come out in years, in a time when Hollywood keeps saying "what other movies can we remake".

Not only is Kevin Smith a favorite director of mine he also uses a pretty standout cast with Justin Long taking the lead and a fantastically creepy performance from Michael Parks.  Even a surprise appearance from Johnny Depp as an ex cop that is hired to find Wallace when he goes missing.  Seriously with a cast like that how could you not have a ton of fun with it.

This movie is probably not for everyone but this horror fan really enjoyed this film.  I think this one is very underrated and deserves a little more recognition that it deserves.  I would definitely rather watch something like Tusk than regurgitated crap being spewed out in Hollywood right now.  I give this movie 6 out of 10 stars.

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