28 December 2014

The Woods Within 2014 - REVIEW

Here we have a Slasher film that is being released in about a week or so from Studio 605.  Anymore the indie slashers are the ones that I have leaned towards over the big budget movies with a ton of CGI and stupid shit.  This one nonetheless is filmed close to my hometown of Cincinnati, Oh.  All of these things make me think I am really going to like this film but I have been wrong before and I always leave plenty of room for error.

Nicole (Tori Ahr) and her high school friends are all planning a before graduation campout party in the woods.  The only thing is people start to die and the group of friends quickly turn on one another as they get picked off one by one.  Everyone is a suspect and  no one is safe in The Woods Within!

Slasher films for the most part are fun and people enjoy watching people getting sliced and diced and I am no different.  However, I was not really a fan of The Woods Within.  The story itself was way too predictable.  The lack of originality and predictability really took away from the fun factor.  I know its meant to be more of an homage than an original slasher flick but still I think it lacks. The characters are not developed enough and the reveal of the killer wasn't too much of a reveal at all.  It was pretty easy to guess from early on in the film.  This film also really lacked humor.  The tone and the atmosphere is too serious.  A Slasher is meant to be fun, bloody and should be able to make you laugh at one point or another.  Not sure I cracked a smile at any point.

Something else that really bothered me while watching this was the lack of emotion in the acting.  I was not expecting an Academy Award performance by any means but for the most part the acting was stiff and did nothing to grab the audience at all.  There are a couple performances that were decent but nothing that really stands out.

I really am not trying to sit here and bash this film because I think it could find an audience.  The kill scenes were good and had a few good effects to go with it.  Looking at the quality of the film I thought it looked great.  The sound and the look really is fantastic and any other release that Studio 605 puts out I would definitely give it a watch.  Here comes that part where I rate this film.  Well, while I think they did a great job in some areas there is just too many that I didn't think they did.  I rate this 4 stars out of 10.  Stay twisted everyone!

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