15 May 2014

Sony Collaborates with Diabolique Magazine on Exclusive Interview with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 DFX Supervisor, David Smith

Diabolique Magazine, an internationally distributed bi-monthly magazine focusing on critical perspectives of genre cinema, literature and art, is pleased to announce the release of Issue 21, which features an exclusive interview with the Digital FX Supervisor on Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, David Smith.

New York, NY, May 15, 2014—

With Issue 21 (May/June) Diabolique Magazine sets its focus on Home Invasion Cinema, including a heady throwback to Terence Young’s Wait Until Dark; side-by-side pieces on both versions of Funny Games and Straw Dogs; and a look at Drafthouse Films’ Palme d’Or-nominated Borgman. All this, plus an in-depth look at Ti West’s newest film, The Sacrament. In an on-going effort to broaden our scope, Diabolique is pleased to announce that Sony has reached out to their writers with an exclusive offer, granting them access to a comprehensive discussion with Digital FX supervisor, for their summer blockbuster The Amazing Spider-Man 2, David Smith. Diabolique Editor-in-Chief, Max Weinstein sat down with Smith to discuss how he helped bring one of America’s most beloved super-heroes to life.

Smith, spoke of the crucial role DFX plays in AMS2 and his work on superhero films throughout his storied career. During one part of the conversation, he gauged the expectations associated with the superhero genre, and audiences’ criteria for buying into the fictional worlds it presents:

“People allow themselves to suspend the disbelief of a superhero’s powers if it’s something that feels more real to them. That’s why you go to the movies — to see it not in comic book form, but something that you can grasp, and something where you enter that world, and it’s something you believe in. I think that’s what we’re always striving for, and that’s what, in the development we’ve done over the years, we’ve arrived at: something more “physically correct.”

Diabolique’s Issue 21 goes on sale in mid-May 2014, and is available on newsstands and bookstores nationwide, and across the globe in selected book stores.

Diabolique Magazine is dedicated to critical perspectives ranging across the genre landscape. The exclusive sit-down with Smith represents its ongoing commitment to broadening its scope. Sony’s choice represents Diabolique's tireless commitment to excellence in genre journalism.

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