30 December 2011

The Code 2011 (Short Film) - REVIEW

Your first date with someone is always the most important. You have to make a good impression, make sure you don’t run out of things to talk about, and most importantly watch out for zombies!

The Code begins with Chad (Daylon Walton) and Vanna (Tamara Voss) alone on a grassy hillside, talking and getting acquainted. Chad is sweet talking her about to make his move when they are interrupted by a slew of zombies. Turning around to run away they are greeted by a masked killer named Carl (Todd Terry). One of the zombies named Shaun (Taylor Brandt) tells Kyle to take off his mask that he is actually there on the wrong night. They switched weeks and it was updated in the Google calendar. Later a vampire named Neil (Ben Cody Rogers) also shows up to partake in the killing along with Bigfoot (Jason Walter Vaile). Bigfoot is sent away immediately because 4 different sets of killers is obviously too many. Shaun the zombie is forced to get out “The Code” to settle the debate on who gets to kill the couple. As he is reading they realize that the woman they want to kill is no ordinary woman but is Vanna Helsing. It is Vanna who does the slaying to everyone’s disappointment.

The Code was recently featured at the Splatterfest Festival in Houston and won 11 awards. Best Film, Best Director, Best Splatter and Audience Favorite Film just to name some. The writing in this short film is excellent. This could easily be made into a feature film. The acting is great with everyone being able to deliver. There is comedy, horror and of course splattering blood.

I thought this film was fantastic. I never had so much fun watching a film that was 6 minutes long. The delivery of the humor is what made the movie for me. Taylor Brandt did an outstanding job along with everyone else that was involved with the project. Definitely a 2 thumbs up in my book. Makes you want to ask the next woman you take on a date if she is monster slayer.

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Reviewed by J.R. Watkins

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