11 July 2011

The Timeslip 2011 (Short Film) - REVIEW

Here I go again, reviewing films that aren't horror... OMG! How terrible am I? Ah, I'm not that bad. I think opening your mind to different genres is good. Why limit yourself to just one thing all the time? You don't eat the same food all the time. You don't wear the same thing all the time. C'mon people, broaden your horizons! And start by watching The Timeslip!

Jonathan and Richard Chance have crafted quite the little Fantasy/Adventure short film. To me, it's a kind of modern day The Outer Limits. Even the description reads like it....

The further we are caught up in technology the further we fall from our roots; to hunt and gather. The very foundations of why we are at the top of the food chain. So the idea came about - how would modern man do in an environment out of his grasp? Thrust into another time - no technology, no help. Food and water is the simplest thing he could die without - but of course there's more than that to worry about!

A rather simple premise that they seem to pull together quite easily. There's enough suspense to keep you watching throughout and the acting (although not many words are spoken) is solid. You feel sorry for Richard as he literally plummets into another world and spends most of his time trying to figure out WTF is going on. They make good use of the 15:01 running time and the sound quality is pretty good for a micro-budget film.

Jonathan had this to say about making The Timeslip: "With The Timeslip we hope to show what we can accomplish with no budget as we do with all our films - the latest, I feel shows our style as original Filmmakers expressing consistency and maturity for innovation in the genre. We want to take the leap from short film (with a good idea) to feature film (with cascades of ideas) and a 'budget' realized worthy of a good script. Not a half-hearted lacking feature due to monetary constraints. We are used to working with very little and making it go far (we're true guerrilla and thrifty) the more 'in' the better we can make it based on the script."

They are also looking for producers/financiers to help make their next film a reality. Which could be a feature film script already nominated for 'Best Horror Screenplay' at the Action on Film festival in 2009. They welcome the public and the press to get in touch with them for a screener of their film and look forward to the premiere of The Timeslip at the Action on Film Festival in Late July 2011!

You can contact them via the website or twitter and be sure to check out the trailer below!!

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