19 March 2011

BOOK REVIEW - Memorial Series by Robert R. Best

Zombies and tigers and bears, Oh My!

The first book in this series follows Angie, a nurse at Lakewood Memorial Park,
a friend of a patient there, and Angie's kids, Maylee and Dalton, as they try
to figure out what's happened and stay alive. There's a lot happening and a lot
of exposition and background is thrown into the narrative in clever and creative ways. Lakewood Memorial is 159 pages long and covers about a minute of action per page. There is enough gore dripping off of every page to satisfy any

How everyone dies is the key feature of every zombie story, whether you're on
the side of the zombies or the Brains, and this series has lots of inventive
ways for zombies AND Brains to meet their fate. The descriptions of the deaths
don't bog things down at all and that's a tricky thing to accomplish. Kudos
to Best for that!

I have to confess that I don't normally read zombie literature, preferring my
zombiepocalypses to be presented visually, but by the end of the first book I
was really anxious to see how things turned out for the characters. Best didn't
let me down, as the second book in the series, 'Ashton Memorial, picks up right
where the first lets off and continues the action as the party moves on to Ashton, a town up the road where friends and family await.

This second book isn't just more of the same, though, as most of the action takes place at Ashton Memorial Zoo. Not only do Angie, Park, and the kids have to deal with zombies, they also have to deal with a power struggle, crazed animals, cult figures and followers, and some really dangerous people. So much happening!

I hope the third in the series comes out soon, though there's no mention of it
on his website robertrbest.com.

Overall, I give this series a rating of 'very good'.

You can connect with Robert via Facebook, Twitter or on his blog. You can also check out his work by visiting his Amazon page.

Reviewed by Ed Rafalko

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